Workouts and coffee: The perfect match

Have you noticed how fit girls’ Instagram feeds are always filled with (what seems to be) a obligatory post-workout coffee snap? Your first guess is probably that they need the extra energy to keep them going through the rest of their daily active schedules. But the truth is, it brings connection. Something as simple as grabbing a cup of caffeine goes far beyond the actual drink, but allows for slowing down, appreciating your environment and connecting with the people you have surrounded yourself with. This I learnt after a wildly fun and inspiring morning with It fit girl herself, Candice Bodington, and the rest of her fitclub girls. … More Workouts and coffee: The perfect match

Dried cranberry, chocolate and hempseed no-bake oat bars

Dear reader.

Wow. In saying those two two words, I can’t believe that I have finally taken the step to entering the blogging world. For a long time I have toyed with the idea and every time I would doubt myself. Would I be able to keep up with the constant content creation? Would my blog be good enough amidst the million of blogs already out there? What would I even say in any of my blogposts?? But I now can say, with full confidence, that the years (yes, it has been years!) of contemplating starting a blog, I am now at the point where I know what I want in my blog, where I would like to go with and what I want to share through it. … More Dried cranberry, chocolate and hempseed no-bake oat bars