Workouts and coffee: The perfect match


Have  you noticed how fit girls’ Instagram feeds are always filled with (what seems to be) a obligatory post-workout coffee snap? Your first guess is probably that they need the extra energy to keep them going through the rest of their daily active schedules. But the truth is, it brings connection. Something as simple as grabbing a cup of caffeine goes far beyond the actual drink, but allows for slowing down, appreciating your environment and connecting with the people you have surrounded yourself with. This I learnt after a wildly fun and inspiring morning with It fit girl herself, Candice Bodington, and the rest of her Fitclub girls.

We started the morning bright and early and set up our mats next to the beautiful and refreshing Sea Point Promenade. After a quick warm-up, we were guided through a functional, sweat-inducing workout to challenge our bums, abs and arms with a resulting feeling of energy and accomplishment. Being a group of unfamiliar girls together and sweating it out in such an comfortable, supportive environment was something I’ve never experienced in other workout classes before. Having had to introduce ourselves to each other beforehand and being coached by the humble demeanor of Candice, it definitely set the vibe for a non-judgemental and super enjoyable workout.

Then came the coffee. Being invited for a chat afterwards created a platform for connection and a sense of sisterhood that many fitness events and meet-ups so seriously lack. Even though just a few of us went, it was an inspiring and uplifting hour of sharing stories, journeys and, quite simply, the company of others. None of us knew each other at the start, yet all of us left with a sense of companionship after a time spent with like-minded individuals.

We are all so very different and our interests and personalities are not the same. But making the effort to reach out, putting yourself in a social environment which you might be unfamiliar with or challenging yourself to connecting with people you don’t know can be so rewarding. Take the time to step out of your own workout comfort zone and get active with others every now and again – you will be amazed at how enriching and fulfilling it can be, reaching further than just the physical workout to the much-needed soul nourishment.


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