Who am I?

I’m a food-loving, fitness fanatic and health-conscious twenty-something living near the sunny shores of Cape Town, South Africa. I can be pretty stubborn and sometimes I’m hard to persuade, but my introverted self secretly enjoys to be taken from my comfort zone and put in places that challenges me both mentally and physically.

My first love in life is food and I’m fascinated with recipe development and food photography, so becoming a food stylist has been at the top of my dream career list for a long time. But I’ve realised that health is even a bigger passion of mine and spreading the word of finding happiness through a balanced life is now what I strive for. I’m still uncertain as to where my career options will take me, but what I do know is that helping others with their wellness journeys is and will always be my first priority.

 What’s the happiness factor?

Too many people have asked me what I exclude from my diet, what exercises I do and how I manage to eat so many tasty (and sometimes kinda naughty) things and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. And then I cry a little inside. It’s not about what you should restrict, what you cannot eat or what you shouldn’t do. Living a healthy (and happy!!) life is about how you do it. Drink the wine, eat that chocolate and skip your workout. Do what nourishes your body as well as your soul – and yes, that does mean going out with friends or family and having one…or two too many margaritas. Because, truth be told, indulging in healthy moderation will lift your mood and make returning to healthier habits that.much.easier.

Through my own journey I’ve learnt that letting go is the best way to not only reach your health goals, but finding true happiness. As long as you choose restaurants using quality ingredients, eating plenty of veg, wholegrains, lean protein sources and healthful fats, the odd indulgence won’t make the slightest of difference to your waistline. The happiness factor is about finding joy in food, appreciating how it nourishes your body and being grateful for its ability to bring people and loved ones together.

Like what you see?

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